5 simple ways to upgrade your beard care

Get out of your girlfriend’s coconut oil jar and step outside the kitchen by adding these tools to your beard arsenal for next-level softness, scent, and style

Have you taken advice from the women in your life about traditional hair treatments and tried to apply that to your beard? You might still believe that “traditional” hair treatments are better and somehow deliver the same results as specially formulated beard care products. This leads to a problem where methods that might work well-enough for the hair on your head, don’t work for your beard.

These traditional methods don’t take into account the particularly different aspects of men’s facial hair. Traditional methods focus on the use of many individual ingredients, which are to be applied separately, in a time-consuming process that’s more akin to a day at the spa, instead of a simple daily approach that achieves better results. This article will cover what products should be added to your bare essentials list to improve your appearance, feel confident and raise your status.

Currently, you might find yourself digging into your girlfriend’s stash of coconut oil or doing the beard care shopping and groceries at the same time. Either way, traditional methods of taking care of your beard are rooted in valuable info, but there are far better ways to approach your beard game than slathering your face in oils and butter.

The main goals when properly maintaining a beard is to soften the hair, clean, promote growth, be healthy and smell great all at the same time. Using traditional methods and individual ingredients will give you some benefits but won’t remotely address all your needs.

All of the oils & butters in the world only help to add moisture and shine, you’d need to complete a laundry list of ritualistic practices like cracking eggs in your beard or rubbing yourself down with avocados and flower petals. Unless you have a ton of free time in your schedule for self-grooming and prefer wearing your fruit instead of eating it, these methods just won’t work.

Using various oils & butters introduces another challenge. Specifically, the greasy situations that pose a threat to your clothes, surroundings and way of life. There was a time in America when men wore a hair style called the “Jheri curl” which ruined all manner of couches and collars alike. Using oils in your beard inevitably warm from body heat, will run down the neck, onto shirt collars, car headrests and couches. The grease even makes its way onto your phone screen, smudging and blurring that $1k+ hi-resolution display. Just imagine your favorite musician walks into an event you happen to be at, stops and asks, “you want a picture?”. You pull out your greasy phone and proceed to take the blurriest selfie in smart-phone history! The musician, who’s now out of time, walks away leaving you with a near useless photo that’s as blurry as your memory.

Having a persistent source of oil on your face at all time presents another challenge. Oily skin is a very good way to activate many types of skin blemishes. If your prone to ache, then using food products on your face is only going to increase the chances of getting zits that make it seriously difficult to shave, maintain a great beard style and clean skin. Also, oils & butters alone don’t provide any form or hold to the hair, making it unlikely you’ll manage any style that doesn’t involve curls or waves.

So, there you are, with a grease darkened shirt collar, oil running down your neck from the heat of a sunny day, and a glistening beard that looks shiny enough to touch but can’t! Doing so would only result in a disappointingly slimy palm that needs to get wiped off asap like a wet handshake.

It would only take one person you were hoping to impress, to say a single negative comment about your oily beard before you ran home and tossed all of the hair care/food products dramatically in the fridge where they belong.

The only recourse is a daily ritual of beard care products, specially formulated to promote growth, add shine and volume without the awkward drawbacks.


Upgrade your beard care with these 5 simple tools:


1) Beard Shampoo

Thanks to the infused essential oils, this wash rids any beard of dirt and flakes without causing dryness. It delivers a deep clean, leaving beards well-nourished and smelling great.


2) Beard Tamer & Conditioner

A lightweight conditioner that provides plenty of slip to detangle and soften a tough beard. It helps the hair retain moisture, ensuring it stays nourished all-day and tomorrow.


3) Beard Balm 

A perfectly blended emollient that makes beards look, feel & smell amazing. The carefully crafted combination of ingredients culminates in the ideal treatment for growing and maintaining a great looking beard.


4) Beard Care kit

Everything needed to look clean and put-together. This set includes several vital tools for beard maintenance which are designed to create a professionally styled look.


5) Become a member 

By joining a service like Beard Care Gang you’ll receive reliable refills of all essential products, plus the peace-of-mind knowing you won’t run out.

The outcome could be drastically different if you simply start your day with top-shelf beard care products. You might begin by quickly trimming & shaping your beard in the morning, then hitting the shower with your beard wash & conditioner. Next, style it right with the beard balm just before heading out to an event where your favorite musician happens to make an appearance. They see how put-together you look and offer to take a selfie with you. Like an assassin, you pull out a mint-condition phone and snap a perfectly sharp, super HD photo of a highlight-reel moment in your life. Afterwards, the woman you were hoping to speak to, walks over, touches your beard and gives you a compliment that sends electricity through your veins!

No longer is the groceries and hair care shopping done at the same time! Instead, rest easy as supplies are delivered to your door for being a member at Beard Care Gang, keeping you stocked with the bare essentials for your daily beard ritual.

From this point forward, you’ll walk with your chest up and shoulders back knowing that your beard is well taken care of. Giving you the confidence to pursue your ambitions while turning heads and leaving an impression on everyone you encounter.