How to Use BCG for Beard Maintenance & Growth


Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready.

Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready. The mantra of two division UFC championship belt holder Connor McGregor. A mindset that’s helped him and many other high performers reach heights previously thought unachievable. The only way to stay ready is by doing something well, everyday. Consistently, over time with a repeatable routine that’s done effortlessly. Once the routine can be completed without thought, the mind is free to think beyond.

If you don’t rely on a daily beard routine to keep you looking ready for anything, then your mind can’t be free to make decisions that impact your life. Getting caught unprepared for an opportunity is a recipe for regret. Not using a trusted daily system with bare essential products leaves you exposed to the world. Racing to catch up and visibly unfit to take charge.

Many men approach their facial hair with a laissez faire attitude. Not caring about the products they use or the tools they need to maintain a striking appearance.

In this post you’ll learn how to create a daily beard routine that keeps you ready to take on the world. Because if you can’t conquer your own daily ritual, how are you going to crush your goals?


”After several attempts to tame the wild hairs, it 
begins to look like an unmanageable task”


Washing your beard regularly is a well know hygiene “DO” at this point. What’s not know, is that using random soaps on a beard is a “DON”T“. Like a lot of guys, you might find yourself borrowing someone’s body wash at the gym or grabbing some cheap 3-in-one beard ”rejuve-Fier" at the gas station. You may even find yourself using whatever-kind of bar soap is in your girlfriends shower. Believing this disorganized effort is going to improve, yet alone maintain a winning beard is unreasonable. Add to that, the fact your probably not using any specialized beard tools in between trims. Clearly, we need to establish a way to control and manage our beard! 

On a day when you’re getting ready for an afternoon meeting, nothing big but, the idea is to look put-together. You realize the beard isn’t quite looking right. After several attempts to tame the wild hairs, it begins to look like an unmanageable task. 

At first you try and brush the beard into submission. Then mush in some of that random conditioner you have on the bath tubes edge. Maybe some of this hand lotion would make it better? Finally the ancient tube of gel comes out in an attempt to force it into shape!

Small broken hairs are now all over the sink, as a result of the rough brushing. The skin below the beard seems dry, irritated and the entire thing just looks kind of grey now!?


”An unexpected need to look presentable as appeared!”


That evening, you drive to pick up your lady from work, thinking it’ll be a fast trip there & back. As you arrive, your girlfriend stands surrounded by folks in business suites who seem fairly important. Judging by the way everyone around them is reacting, they’re most likely executives. An unexpected need to look presentable as appeared! While awkwardly making your way around the circle of faces and names introducing yourself, their glances are obvious. Noticing every time someone looks at the beard, eye-contact, beard again. They give your girlfriend the distinct look of, “You can do better”. You drive off shaking your head from the unease of it all.

The executives invite you both to a business after-hours event for the company magazine and group photo. After not fully recovering from that traumatic event earlier, you break out all the big-guns to fix this issue. Applying any and all products at your disposal to create a look for the night that’s barley tolerable. 

At the event, everyone gives you the ”up-&-down“ look that suggests ” hey, whatever works man“. When its time to take the photo, the execs see you and a whisper, ”this guy" with an eye-roll combo. The whole night is immortalized on Instagram with a photo on the companies account. 


Later that night, your girlfriend describes how the executives mentioned you. They said it would look more professional to just shave the untamed thing off.

How to use BCG products to create a winning beard routine.


Your daily ritual might begin with trimming & shaping the beard first thing in the morning. Try using a quality pair of scissors, a great comb and a de-tangling brush, like the ones from Beard Care Gang. 

Next, take a quick shower and be sure to scrub out all the dead hairs with BCG beard wash. It’s able to rid any beard of dirt and flakes without causing dryness, thanks to the infused essential oils. It delivers a deep clean, leaving beards well-nourished and smelling great. 

Wrap up the shower with a conditioner that’ll provide plenty of slip to detangle and soften a tough beard. The one from Beard Care Gang helps to keep hair moisturized, ensuring it stays healthy all day. 

After showering, dry your beard well & style it with a beard balm before heading out the door. Beard Care Gang has a balm which makes beards look, feel & smell amazing. They’ve created a perfectly blended emollient that’s the ideal treatment for growing and maintaining a great looking beard.


All of the BCG products combined, form a beard-care-kit that’s vital to achieving an effortless yet professionally styled look


The key to designing a solid routine is to make sure it works with your style and day, not against it. This

needs to be something you’ll actually do. Treating this practice like a flippant New Years resolution only hurts yourself. Honestly assessing your tendencies reveals useful insights on where in the day you might implement a regular system. Proper daily use of products from Beard Care Gang will ensure you have the core essentials to look clean and put-together. 

Continue fine tuning your daily method until you really make it your own. All of the BCG products combined form a beard-care-kit that’s vital to achieving an effortless yet professionally styled look. 

Going forward you’re prepared to take on the world, camera ready by 7 am. Possessing a reliable custom routine means you no longer have to get ready for anything. The default state IS ready. Much like Connor Gregor and his mantra, your mind is free to focus on achieving higher goals and new titles.


What happens if I run out of beard balm?!

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