The Beard Care Gang

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The Beard Care Gang


What started out as idle banter among three brothers, developed into the Beard Care Gang.


The youngest of us had been sporting a beard for a while. His wife loved the look and she became very active in its care. She would suggest products he could use to ensure it remained soft and silky -- which was more for her than him. 


After recommended products didn't achieve the required results, they began mixing recipes for beard care. In the end, they created an effective beard wash, a rich taming conditioner for care, and a softening balm for growth/nourishment.


The other brothers joined the beard gang and perfected a healthy groom using the custom recipe born in Brooklyn and bred in Atlanta.

In the Media

KTLA Los Angeles - 12 January 2019


A bit of coverage from the wonderful folks over at KTLA in Los Angeles as they filled their Valentine's Day basket with our beard care membership.

CBS Austin - 7 March 2019


The people in Austin love us, especially as they geared up for SXSW this year...shoutout to Texas, we love you back

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