Beard Balm/Butter



Ghanaian Shea Butter

Proprietary Beard Oil Blend

Coconut Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Castor Oil


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Whitney Evans
It’s BACK!

I’m so happy this stuff is back! I just couldn’t find anything I loved as much as this while it was out of stock. I bought 5 of the big jars and plan to buy 5 more! Don’t want to be out over again.

How butter should be.

This just defines the word clean. Hand Crafted in the USA.
Quality ingredients that soften coarse beards and rogue hairs.
No itching and eliminates beard flakes.
Finding myself actually stroking my beard and feels just so good.
Even though the ingredients listed a few types of oils, after I apply some there is no greasy residue. That is always a plus in my book. Not scent heavy, so worries of having to inhale fumes all day.
This beard butter just embodies perfect.

Best Beard Butter in the game!

Started using this beard butter a couple years ago now and it's hands down the best in the game! The smell, the feeling, the quality and the look it gives your beard is 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 My clients love it and its a morning ritual for me everyday after I shower! Definitely helps that itchy feeling when your beard is growing, or from a dry climate. 10/10 recommend!

Xavier E
My Wife loves this

Dont know who loves this more, my wife or me.

She uses it on her edges and loves the smell.

I love that it keeps my beard/hair healthy and not too oily

Last time i just ordered two; one for me and one for her lol

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